Dcc Model Railway Wiring

If you’re delving into the world of model railways, you’ve likely heard of DCC, Hornby DCC or Digital Command Control. It’s a game-changer compared to older analogue systems, offering precision and flexibility in how you operate your miniature locomotives and manage the railway layout. Now, what exactly has made DCC the favourite among hobbyists and … Read more

Model Train Scale Sizes Explained

Welcome to the captivating world of model trains. When first venturing into this hobby, you’re going to encounter a crucial decision: choosing the right scale for your miniature railway. The scale of a model train refers to the proportional size of the model compared to the real thing, and this can range from grand, room-sized … Read more

How To Weather Model Trains

How To Weather Model Trains

I’m going to kick things off by talking about weathering model trains and why it’s more than just a hobbyist’s touch. Weathering refers to the art of giving model trains a more realistic appearance by creating the effects of age and exposure to the elements. It’s not just about splashing some paint on a locomotive … Read more

Hornby Playtrains Review

I remember the day I got my hands on a Hornby Playtrains set which I purchased for my son. The anticipation was tangible as I prepared to introduce him to a world of model railways. Hornby Playtrains isn’t just another toy train; it’s a gateway to imagination wrapped in a robust package specifically designed for … Read more

How To Lay Model Railway Track

You might be thinking about diving into the world of model railways, or you could be looking to perfect your current setup. Either way, knowing how to lay model railway track is where the magic begins. It’s not just a functional part of your model railway; it’s the stage on which your miniature world comes … Read more

What Is Hornby Dublo ?

When people ask ‘What is Hornby Dublo’ the original models from the 60s and 70s are mentioned. Hornby Dublo was a range of model trains and railway accessories produced by the British company Meccano Ltd from 1938 to 1964. The name “Dublo” was derived from the fact that the range was built to a scale … Read more

What is Hornby DCC ?

Ever since model railways were introduced, with the exception of clockwork models to begin with, Hornby ho train sets and other brands have always been electronically controlled via 12 volts DC (direct current). Whilst this is great and a lot of fun, there have always been obvious limitations with DC controlled model trains. Before we … Read more

What is Hornby TT120 ?

Hornby TT120 (Table Top) models are a compact scale, not as small as N Gauge and not has big as OO gauge, but somewhere in the middle.  This scale has originated in the USA, but now widespread in Europe.  Hornby have just recently started developing TT120 models again and feel that this is a good … Read more