Hornby Azuma Review | Bi-Mode Class 800/1

The Hornby Azuma promises to be an exiting addition to any model railway layout.  These new types of Hornby models showcase incredible design and detail.

On March 18th 2016, the first Class 800/1 then branded Virgin Trains East Coast ‘Azuma’ was released.  Since then, the Azuma has been a regular sight operating along the east coast main line.   It is the first locomotive of it’s kind to run on British Railways that can switch between overhead electrical and diesel power (IEP Bi-Mode).   Now Hornby are set to introduce the Hornby Azuma LNER livery OO gauge five car train pack.

Quick Summary

This train Pack contains a five-car Hitachi Class 800 finished in LNER’s Red & White/Silver Livery.  Hornby has successfully captured the impressive streamlined look of the Hitachi Class 800 very well. The fine details you will notice on the roof of each coach includes all of the aspects you would expect to see on the real coaches such as air-conditioning, electrical units, and diesel engine exhausts. From looking at various photos of Hornby Azuma, the detail in the underframe and body of the model are very impressive, and also show the glazed internal doors.

Hornby Azuma

As this product is due for release this Autumn 2021, I can’t really say much more about this or comment on how well it runs until I get my hands on it, and test it for real on my test-track layout, which I am really excited about.

Tech Specs

Item Length: 36cm
Designer: Hitachi
Item Scale: 1:76 Scale OO Gauge
Finish: Painted
Gauge: OO
Class: 800 Hitachi
Livery: LNER
Minimum Curve (mm): Radius 2
Motor: 5 Pole skew wound


The Hornby Azuma class 800/1 promises to be the latest exciting offering from Hornby, and I am looking forward immensly to testing this loco on my test track, after which I will complete my review.

5 thoughts on “Hornby Azuma Review | Bi-Mode Class 800/1”

  1. Wow, it’s yet to be released? I’m looking forward to their services as they launch. I enjoy railway travel so much and this is very interesting to me. I am very grateful to have come across it. Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of writing with us. I will be sharing it further too.

  2. The Hornby Azuma seems like a good addition to any model railway scene. My dad is crazy about model railways and I will send him this article, I am sure that he will be interested! Also I am looking forward to more detailed news about this train and when you have bought it!

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Thanks so much for your comments.  Alot of people like yourself have happy memories of model railways and I hope your Dad enjpys my article.  I hope to write a more detailed review soon once this trainset has been released.

  3. Hey Tim, good preview. So it’s kind of like our hybrid cars today. I like it and can’t wait until they roll it out in Autumn and read your final review. Have fun playing/testing it :))

    • Hey Joe, thanks so much for your comments, yes these new Trains are very advanced, Japenese technology I believe. I can’t wait to buy the product and complete a full review on my test track.


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