What is Hornby TT120 ?

Hornby TT120 (Table Top) models are a compact scale, not as small as N Gauge and not has big as OO gauge, but somewhere in the middle.  This scale has originated in the USA, but now widespread in Europe.  Hornby have just recently started developing TT120 models again and feel that this is a good time to re-introduce this scale.

What are the benefits of Hornby TT120 ?

Hornby TT120 is a ‘table top’ scale, this means that it makes it easier for people to assemble a model railway in a limited space.  Whilst OO gauge is a brilliant and the most popular scale, you do need quite alot of space to assemble a layout.  The great thing about TT120 is that you can build your layout with limited space, even on a shelf or cabinet, the possibilities are endless really.

The chart below reveals the size comparison between the different gauges, OO, TT & N:

what is hornby tt120

High Level Of Detail

Despite it’s small size, Hornby have managed to pack as much detail into the TT120 range to produce some simply stunning models.  Hornby are really trying to capture the detail in all of their range, wether it’s OO or TT120.  It is indeed quite a challenge for any model manufacturer to pack as much detail into such small models, and Hornby have certainly delivered!

Easy to Store

Due to it’s small size, a layout can be built on a baseboard and stored under a bed quite easily, or behind a closet or cabinet.  It’s possible to build quite a big layout in this scale on a 6×4 basboard for example, and then when not in use can be stored away.  Check out my other article if you need help choosing the right baseboard for your layout here

Starter Sets Available

Even though Hornby have recently released this new scale, you can grab your starter sets directly and exclusivly from Hornby.  There are many starter sets to suit everyone’s taste, and Hornby have promised more new starter sets to come.  It’s a great time to get going with Hornby TT120 !

Minimal Storage Space Required

As TT120 models are smaller than OO gauge, the boxes these products are sold in are therefore smaller, which means there is less storage space required to store locomotives, coaches, wagons etc.  A layout on a base board can easily be stored bedind a closet or under the bed for example.

Huge Range Of Products Now Available to Pre-Order

Even though TT120 is a new product, Hornby and the manufacturers have been working hard to produce more products, such as locomotives, coaches, various rolling stock and many other type of products.  You can pre-order exclusivily from the Hornby website.

Entire Range Of Locomotives Are DCC Ready

All locomotives in the TT120 range are DCC ready.  This means that they are ready to receive the DCC decoder chip which means you can run more than one locomotive on the same track, and benefit from the realistic sound feature specific to that locomotive.  The DCC chips are available directly from the Hornby website, aswell as news on the latest product announcements.

Full Compatible with European and US TT Models

Hornby TT120 will work on model railways from around the world and visa-Vera, similar to the US HO scale / OO scale.  Any model locomotive or rolling stock etc that is produced will be compatible with other variants of the same gauge.  This ensures scalablility.


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  1. This was an interesting article.  I was aware that there were other scales but my experience with trains that I have owned has always been the HO scale.  I was not aware of the Hornby-tt-120 scale at all. The article was very interesting and piqued my interest.  The next time I visit Europe I’ll be on the lookout for model train exhibits to see if I can track this down and see it in person. 


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